From now on

I have had this feeling growing inside me for a long time and now finally all the signs are pointing me in this direction.  We know that we are blessed to have careers and jobs in this ever changing South Africa, we condition ourselves that we should wake up eagerly and hit the road running.  I have been filled with a certain lethargy and unwillingness to get my bones moving.  I have questioned whether I am in a depressed state, a hormonal imbalance, and a multitude of other possible ailments, but now it is clear that I simply need a change in direction.

So, armed with my decision that I needed change, what now? “What do you want to do?”  I have been asked time and time again.  In the end it has come to this.  What do I know?

I know life.  I could write a novel based on mine.  I know property, the many multi-faceted nuances of property and I am going to write tales of fact and humour and tit-bits of advice to all parties.I will align myself with like minded professionals and share years of experience, statistics and the veritable up and downs.  This is the 23 May 2016.  I look forward to being  part of your every day ritual.


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