Feeling the blues…

This is a story that just has to be told.  I need you to picture the scenario.  Sometimes Estate Agents get that listing that you know is going to sell.  Area is good, security complex, immaculate and the Seller gives you just a few hours on a Saturday to rally all your potential Buyers together.  Mad scramble back at the office to get e-brochures out to the databases and appointments get set up.  In some offices in Cape Town, Agents are bound to specific areas, so some cross area work is the only way to get all the Company buyers through the property given such short notice.

So, two Agents arrive at the same time in their own cars to meet their prospective Clients.  The one, is a particularly good looking Agent who has a penchant for adding lip liner and gloss to her lips almost without knowing she is doing it – quite a skill on the lip liner side, I can assure you.  She hops into the car ahead and they discuss the hectic morning.  In the meantime a third Agent from the same company has arrived, and some Clients arrive too.

Out jump the Agents and attach themselves to the relevant Clients.  In the meantime while our one darling is still waiting for her Clients to arrive she quickly delves into her bag to look for her lip liner and gloss, but alas the gloss isn’t there, so she very adeptly uses her lip liner as the border and then colours the rest in with the same pencil.  Her Clients have now arrived and she engages and prepares to take them in behind her colleagues who are already in the doorway and the other probably in the lounge area.

She has noticed that her Clients are a little subdued and the wife looks at her quite piercingly, but she is used to scrutiny, after all, she is young and beautiful.  She enters the home, introduces the Seller to her Clients, once more she is aware of very piercing looks of confusion from the Seller, but cannot quite put her finger on the problem.

She rounds the corner and bumps into the first group accompanied by her Agent friend, who stares at her, her mouth starts to tremour, and she beckons her away from her group, blood red in the face and battling to maintain composure.  Confusion reigns, as her friend gesticulates to her mouth and raises eyebrows and mutters, “what the hell have you put on your mouth?”  “Wash it off immediately”.

Totally confused and feeling so inadequate and chastised in public, our beauty slips into the bathroom.  The lip liner was blue eyeliner that she had extravagantly coloured  her entire upper and lower lips with.

The rest is up to your imagination.  Trying to remain composed proved all too difficult.

When the ladies questioned their male colleague who had watched our young darling pass him, his only comment was, “how was I to know it wasn’t the latest fashion”…

To date, this group of Agents call themselves, “The blue lips team”…..





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