Thanks to our technology and the media I have been overwhelmed this week to view 2 fantastic performances.  The first being the Golden Globe awards which I always sit glued to being a lover of the all encompassing art of a good movie or show and the talent of the Actor/Actresses transporting us into characters that we would otherwise never have any knowledge of.  What a magnificent feast we have coming our way.  The most poignant moment was or course Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech which went viral overnight.  She left no stones unturned and Twitter went crazy in response.  Her plea to her fellows was to take responsibility as role models in the industry.  Her plea for us all is the act of empathy. We have reached a sad moment that we have to be reminded to be empathetic.   She made reference to various film stars and their humble beginnings, their personal hardships and in closing she quoted her friend Carrie Fisher, “Take your broken heart, make it into art.”

The other breathtaking performance was that of Barack Obama in his farewell speech.  Such powerful word order.  His opened with, “Yes we can,”  he closed with the words, “yes we did it.”   He slammed fanaticism and intolerance. Memorable moments from his speech, “Change only happens when ordinary people come together,” “believe in your ability to bring about change.”  He gave reference to the fact that not all tasks are pleasant, but hey,”eat our peas, just do the job. ” One of my favourites was “hitch your wagon to something bigger than yourself”

Why did I love these performances?  I love the fact that some of my heroes had humble beginnings.  I am filled with renewed vigour and a need to “turn my broken heart into art” and I love the power of “we”  After all, it is so powerful it drives the wealthiest county in the world.  I want to become more about we and less about me and unhitch the wagon.  I spoke at New Year to my family of the power of our little group sharing feelings of happiness and pain and seemingly insurmountable hurdles.

I remember a prayer from my school days in the late 70’s and 80’s that went, “God Bless Africa”and we need this blessing more now than ever. Although Barack Obama has signed out, the people know they are safe in their constitution. “We the people”

Succinctly – in a brief and clearly expressed manner.

“One word succinctly describes the economy’s performance unbalanced”

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