A Good Year

It has been a year since my “Last Week of a Happy Uncoupling”.

There was always going to be a continuation of my stories.  I just did not know how or quite when it became appropriate.

Although anticipated, I guess, I never realised how barren the events of my last 10 years would leave me.  I have had nothing to say.  I’ve sat trying to word my feelings, I’ve tried to simply journal my days and the words have not come. I’ve been frozen.

So now, perhaps, I will begin again, writing simplistic occurrences of a new and different life. A year that has me moving for my seventh time in one city. A year of terror as to how I would survive financially, a year of self appraisal, painful self acknowledgment and my now enormous appreciation and appetite for life.

Good prevails over all, throw in a sense of humour, and joy unfolds.

A Good Year
A Good Year was coming. I simply couldn’t feel it at the time.

4 thoughts on “A Good Year

  1. I love the way you write with such candour. Your words ring with clarity and truth. I’m glad you’ve thawed – and that you’ve found your voice! T x


  2. Good prevails over all, throw in a sense of humour, and joy unfolds.
    This right here makes so much sense.


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