Troubled Waters


Calm waters of Kani, Maldives

I have a huge appetite for surprises and after a very acrimonious year of non commuting on my husbands part I decided on a last ditch surprise holiday.  My travel agent who always keeps me abreast of specials had sent this spectacular one in the Maldives- all inclusive at a Club Med resort….need I say more.

I kept the surprise going all along, I did the clothes packing and Darling had no idea where he was going. Our domestic flight was a breeze and we landed at O.R Tambo with no complications.  I was hoping to still have the next part as a surprise but unfortunately you ultimately have to go to the correct check in counter.  I surveyed it alone at first, and noticed that is was DELAYED.  My heart started racing, we couldn’t afford to be late, it would steal time from the island!  Unperturbed I marched up to the nearest pub and ordered drinks to calm my nerves and keep Darling busy.  This process was repeated  a number of times, I would go down and check, then come back up and order more drinks. Hours later we were eventually informed that the connecting flight from Cape Town had been delayed but we would commence boarding soon. Of course we had now missed our connecting flight in Doha, and would have a long stop over there, but we were promised day passes.  What can you do, but be obliging and grateful that you’re eventually on board.  Obviously my secret was out and we were ready to go.

Suffice it to say the flight was fine.  Late supper, movies, a shared sleeping pill and a relatively pain free night before we landed in Doha in the early hours in the morning.  The hot air hit us as we disembarked. We were politely taxied to a hotel for the day (and breakfast) and encouraged to visit their new mall.  Well spectacular does not not do it justice.  This mall was equipped with a river and gondolas snaking through the centre.  Every famous brand was available and I shopped up a fantastic unexpected storm, now in fact grateful for the delay and of course a great opportunity to look at Doha and its glitz and opulence. A very  long time later that day we eventually boarded our connecting flight to the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in the Maldives. As our plans had changed, I was not quite as organised  with the sleeping pill, I could only find a half, gave it to Darling, but I did find 2 anti anxiety tablets and thought they would equal a half a sleeping pill.

Well I do remember getting off the plane and finding our travel partners, in fact I think I even had a bunch of flowers around my neck.  Our bags were all packed onto the ferry for the trip to the island. I staggered on board and settled in a seat next to Darling.  Sounds seemed to ring in my ears from a distance, and I kept yawning.  I briefly took in the people on the boat, but it was all quite a blur.  Out of the deepest tunnels of my imagination I could hear his voice talking to someone, but I just couldn’t come back to connect. My full weight was against him and my mouth open and lolling on his arm.  I think he tried to push me upright a few times but I kept opening my eyes with my face halfway down his sleeve. Finally I was aware that the engines were starting to calm down and we were close. Unassisted, up I got, off the ferry  and onto the boards of the jetty leading to a breathtaking view of the resort.  My legs felt so tired as I dragged my way along the jetty.  We were welcomed with a cocktail and taken to our room.  I had noticed two loungers on the beach close by, I managed to get my costume on and face planted myself into the lounger, convincing Darling that I’d be fine in just a little while to explore the resort and get active.

Hours passed.  I  become aware that someone was trying to raise me.  “Excuse me, this voice of an Angel whispers, “my husband and I are just worried about you in the sun, please have this to freshen you”, I raise my head, the wooden slat marks have embedded themselves on my face, my hair looks like “There’s Something About Mary”, I gulp down this magnificent white cocktail and lie straight back down.  I disappear again into my abyss.  “Excuse me,” the voice and beauty are back, “have another cocktail, you have been in the sun a long time”….. This time I manage to sit upright,  I am able to converse and meet this wonderful couple who become dear friends.  Pina colada, Kani style also become a favourite for the four of us every day in the same spot on the beach.

7 days later on the ferry back to the airport I saw all the beauty of the surrounding islands and the turquoise seas…..

Simple rule, self medication can lead to very troubled waters.



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